Meet Our Team

Our Friendly Customer Service Team

On the off chance that you have called or messaged Bergen County nj Electrician, or have been invited by somebody at our organization, odds are one of the names beneath may sound well-known. Every one of the minding, sympathetic individuals underneath is an individual from our excellent Customer Service Representative Team. They all work day by day to guarantee our customers are all around served from start to finish, yet seldom, if at any point, get the opportunity to meet our customers up close and personal. So here’s your chance to take in somewhat more about what makes these proficient individuals tick.

Our Expert Tech Team

At Bergen County nj Electrician, we utilize strict contracting hones with regards to our workers, realizing that the trust you put in our organization and our colleagues isn’t to be underestimated. That is the reason every one of our experts isn’t just N.A.T.E. (North American Technician Excellence) Certified, yet additionally experiences thorough pre-business screening including foundation and medical testing. We trust our Tech Team to be the best in the business, both from an ability outlook, and also their levels of demonstrable skill, regard, class, and responsibility. They are a group of persevering, fair individuals who treat each customer the manner in which they would expect themselves and their relatives to be addressed in their very own homes.

Our Knowledgeable Plumbing Team

The equivalent strict enlisting rehearses utilized for our HVAC Technicians is being used for each pipes colleague also, and we trust our group to be the “Cream of the Crop.” When it comes to specialized know-how and a commitment to client benefit, our pipes colleagues ascend to the best in the business. They realize that the trust you put in them ought to never be underestimated, and they move in the direction of procuring that trust amid each administration call. Every professional is an authorized handyman and experiences Bergen County nj Electrician’ debilitating pre-business screening including foundation and medical testing. The Plumbing Team at Bergen County nj Electrician has faith in doing the activity right, the first run through. What’s more, doing as such with demonstrable skill, regard, class, and responsibility as their objective.

Our Dedicated Management Team

The most beautiful thing about addressing any Bergen County nj Electrician representative hears the energy they feel while approaching their occupations regularly. This isn’t just a demonstration of the nature of people we procure, yet it is additional proof of the robust initiative in our organization, given by General Manager, Ben Kendrick, and President, Dari Payrow. These two men lead the able group you see beneath through a culture of strengthening and trust. They plainly show others how its done with regards to making the best choice for the client. Anyway, they likewise furnish workers with consent to settle on their own decisions through the course of their day with the end goal to best serve our customers. The Management Team at Bergen County nj Electrician will probably contract, prepare and legitimately prepare our groups with the end goal that they can approach doing what they specialize in: serving our customers.

Meet Smiley

Maybe no other colleague the way of life, pride and devotion we as a whole endeavor to show once a day superior to anything our one of a kind “Smiley.” Sure, our maxim is “Story after Story, We Deliver Smiles.” And that is reality… our group completes tending to light up the day for huge numbers of our customers encountering issues with their Electrical, HVAC or Plumbing frameworks. In any case, past that, we feel an extraordinary feeling of pride about what we do, and are appreciative for the open doors we need to help our companions in the Greater Atlanta zone. As Mother Teresa stated, “Each time you grin at somebody, it is an act of affection, a blessing to that individual, a delightful thing.” Therefore, if we will probably make our customers grin, we will go about it by spreading grins in the manner in which we can. Smiley is our “Envoy for Happiness,” and we trust that you get the chance to meet him soon. A tad of the identity of every one of our representatives is epitomized in Smiley, and if by meeting him and sharing a grin, that lights up your day, at that point we realize that given a chance to be your Electrical, HVAC or Plumbing contractual worker of decision, we’ll make certain to do all that we can to “Make you Smile” considerably more.

The Faces Behind Smiley

Breaking with “Mascot Tradition,” we have uncovered the appearances behind the Smiley Costume, since… well… now and then THESE folks are grinning significantly greater! Meet the daring men from the Bergen County nj Electrician group that assume the job of Smiley at region occasions and social events. Presently recall, much like Superman or Spiderman, the changing sense of self of these refined men vanishes when they wear the Smiley uniform. Once in character, these amiable specialists and HVAC directors change into a strict purveyor of joy. Be watchful when meeting Smiley in the suit, as you may end up grinning wildly!